2016 GW UNESCO Fellows

Welcome to the blog for the GW UNESCO Fellows Program for the summer of 2016! This blog highlights the experiences of five GW UNESCO Fellows embarking on three month internships in UNESCO offices to work on some of the leading education and social issues around the world.

Each country will have its own dedicated page within the blog, the link to which can be found in the side panel of the page or listed below.

This summer you can find us in:

UNESCO in Havana with Elena

UNESCO in Bangkok with Jen

UNESCO in Paris with Nora

UNESCO in Dakar with Marie and Katherine

You can also Meet the Fellows for the 2016 GW UNESCO Fellows Program

Follow the fellows on social media by searching #GWUNESCOFellows on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

To learn more about the GW UNESCO Fellows program, click the About the Program link, or send an e-mail to unescochair@gwu.edu

Meanwhile, to get more information about the UNESCO Offices our fellows are working in take a look at their websites:

UNESCO in Havana

UNESCO in Bangkok

UNESCO HQ in Paris

UNESCO in Dakar